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Welcome to Plant Crossing, an innovative fantasy metaverse of world Avalon, which is powered by GameFi & SocialFi on mobile with AR & LBS that adopts casual gameplay of Pokémon GO & supports premium IPs in Web3.


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About LAND

The Land is the key resource in Avalon metaverse. There are total 5 land types including Plain, Cave, Forest, Mountain and Island, while each land type represents a special color element as While, Black, Green, Red and Blue accordingly. Each type of lands also contain different style of landscapes, which will be released according to the progress of the project.


The Botan is the fantasy creatures in Avalon metaverse. There are total 64 different Botan species to be released in Open Alpha, while each Botan has a color element of the five with a rarity of C/R/SR/SSR. Botan also has special attribute genes which will affect its productivity and combat power. Moreover, two Botans could breed offsprings, while the offspring may change according to the genes heritage.


Though walking in the real world, players take adventure & explore the Lands of Avalon, the world of Plant Crossing, to collect, breed, level up & exchange Botans, the NFT based fantasy creature. Players can also win rewards in PVP mode. A SocialFi based game mode also encourages players to invite friends to accomplish various challenging group tasks within a Tribe and win additional rewards. A NFT AR showroom will be supported on the lands for each player to display their NFT collectibles to other visitors.

Join the community of Plant Crossing today and stay tuned for more upcoming exciting updates!

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